2.- International Competition

– Films can be made in any video or film format; In any language, from anywhere in the world.

– Short films with a maximum duration of 35 minutes, including credits, will be accepted. Feature films will last for more than 36 minutes.

– In order for the film to be selected, PREMIERE will not be required in the country.

– Films that have been exhibited at any other festival in Bolivia or abroad may be entered.

– Commercial works or political propaganda are not accepted.

– Films must be presented in their original language or with subtitles in English or Spanish.


3.- Categories in competition:

Narrative Short Film

Documentary short film

Animation Short Film

Experimental short film

LGBT+ Short Film

Narrative Feature Film

Documentary feature film

Animation Feature film


4.- Fees for each Deadline:

The inscription of the films has a fee, which changes with the date that it takes place:

  • Early morning deadline: before April 26

Short film: $ 9

Feature film: $ 13

  • Day deadline: before May 17

Short film: $ 10

Feature film: $ 14

  • Afternoon deadline: before June 15

Short Film: $ 11

Feature Film: $ 15

  • Sunset deadline: before July 12

Short Film: $ 12

Feature film: $ 16

  • Twilight deadline: before August 09

Short film: $ 14

Feature film: $ 17

  • Night deadline: before September 06

Short film: $ 15

Feature film: $ 18

  • Delay deadline: before October 03

Short film: $ 16

Feature film: $ 18

  • Final deadline: before October 30

Short film: $ 17

Feature film: $ 20

  • Last deadline: before November 20

Short film: $ 18

Feature film: $ 22


5.- Notification of the Official Selection:

– The publication of results of the films that will make up the official selection SIFW, will be held on November 25, 2019, through social networks and the official website of the festival

– The festival committee will select the short films that will make up the SIFW programming and the special programs.

– To all those selected, they will be sent the Laurel SIFW

– The decision of the selection committee shall be final.


6.- Registration Requirements:



– There is no registration limit for the number of films per director or producer.

– The film can not be removed from the competition once it has been sent.


7.- Exhibition:

– The SIFW Committee – SIERRA INTERNATIONAL FILM WEEKEND will determine the order and date of exhibition of the official selection.

– Through the registration to the SIFW, the filmmakers authorize the festival to use their films or parts of them for promotional purposes and to broadcast the festival.

– The film owner (director / producer) accepts the film screening from December 6 – 8; 2019.

– In no case will be paid for the exhibition rights.


8.- Winners:

– The winners will be selected by an external jury of the Committee, which is made up of specialists in the cinematographic area.

– Upon completing the registration of the films, the persons who own the rights agree to accept these regulations.

– The competitive sections of the festival will be awarded by an external jury, chosen by the festival committee, which will be composed of specialists recognized in the cinematographic medium, as well as of different artistic disciplines.


Best Narrative Short Film

Best Documentary short film

Best Animation Short Film

Best Experimental short film

Best Lgbt Short Film

Best Narrative Feature Film

Best Documentary feature film

Best Animation Feature film

Actor and technical awards (individual categories)

Special Mentions

-The jury will have the freedom to grant the mentions that it considers pertinent.


9.- Acceptance of the bases:

– All the participants fully accept the present bases, as well as the resolutions that the SIFW Committee takes before any situation not foreseen in this call.